Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Backlink schemes are unhealthy for your website

Since backlinks appear to be one of the strongest parts of the Google algorithm, it is not surprising that cottage industries are offering "solutions" to your need for backlinks. Beware. What is good for the spammer is not necessarily good for you.

This morning I received this SPAM email from some dorks who want to manipulate Google.

Seems they have some powerful websites and they want me to share in the "juicy backlinks" from those websites, for a fee, of course.


Do You Need Better Rankings at Google, Yahoo, MSN and all other Search Engines?

Our database of TOP SITES FOR JUICY BACKLINKS is the ANSWER you've been looking for!
Join us TODAY and you will have them all linking to your website! Send us an email or a reply to (scam email link) if you are interested! Best Wishes, The Top Links DB team

< /snip >

How often do we receive junk email like this? How many times do we need to remind everyone that Google hates this type of black hat strategy and that we will get penalized sooner or later.

How often do we need to tell people that what they need is simply good, solid content and a desire to enhance the experience of our visitors?

How often do you wake up in the morning to find your website on page 2 or nowhere after being on page one of the search engines?

These spammers remind me of the people who rule Wall St. They are willing to do whatever enriches themselves even if the know their tactics will destroy us.

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