Sunday, March 15, 2009

Useful Google search applications


[ allintext: travel packing list ] will return only pages in which the words “travel,” “packing,” and “list” appear in the text of the page.

[ allintitle: detect plagiarism ] will return only documents that contain the words “detect” and “plagiarism” in the title.

[ allinurl: google faq ] will return only documents that contain the words “google” and “faq” in the URL, such as “”.

[ ] will show Google’s cached version of the Electronic Frontier Foundation home page.

[ define: blog ] will show definitions for “Blog” (weB LOG).

[ web page evaluation checklist filetype:pdf ] will return Adobe Acrobat pdf files that match the terms “web,” “page,” “evaluation,” and “checklist.” You can restrict the results to pages whose names end with pdf and doc by using the OR operator, e.g. [ email security filetype:pdf OR filetype:doc ].

inanchor: [ restaurants inanchor:gourmet ] will return pages in which the anchor text on links to the pages contain the word “gourmet” and the page contains the word “restaurants.”

insubject: [ insubject:”falling asleep” ] will return Google Group articles that contain the phrase “falling asleep” in the subject.

intitle: [ flu shot intitle:help ] will return documents that mention the word “help” in their titles, and mention the words “flu” and “shot” anywhere in the document (title or not). Note:intitle: and the following word

There must be no space between the intext: [ Hamish Reid intext:pandemonia ] will return documents that mention the word “pandemonia” in the text, and mention the names “Hamish” and “Reid” anywhere in the document (text or not).

inurl: [ inurl:print ] searches for pages on Google Guide in which the URL contains the word “print.”

link: [ ] will show pages that point to Google Guide’s home page

movie: [ movie: slumdog millionaire ]

[ phonebook: John Doe New York NY ] will show phonebook listings of everyone named John Doe in New York, NY

related: [ ] will list web pages that are similar to the Consumer Reports home page.
Note: Don’t include a space between the related: and the web page url.

site: [
peace site:gov ] will find pages about peace within the .gov domain ]

source: [
election source:new_york_times ] will return articles with the word “election” that appear in the New York Times. ]

weather (no colon needed)
[ weather Sunnyvale CA ] will return the weather for Sunnyvale, California and [ weather 94041 ] will return the weather for the city containing the zip code (US postal code) 94041, which is Mountain View, California.


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