Monday, March 30, 2009

Use Article Marketing to get more good backlinks to your blog or website

Article marketing is a wonderful way to build backlinks to your website. Article marketing consists of writing articles that relate to the content of your website and then submitting them to a variety of article directories. These directories supply content to a wide variety of webmasters, provided that they keep the links in the articles intact.

By providing articles to article directories, you can build a broad network of sites, newsletters, forums, and more, that link back to your website. When site owners publish your content, they agree that all links in the article will be kept intact. Your links back to your site, bio, and affiliate links (if permitted), are all included in the article any time it is published.

Article marketing provides backlinks to your site in two ways. First, when the article is originally published on the directory, it adds a backlink to your site from the directory site. Most article directories have a relatively high PR, so this backlink can be an excellent addition to your link building efforts.

Secondly, your article provides backlinks from any website that publishes it. This means that your article continues to work building links back to your site, long after its initial publication.

Articles are also great for driving traffic to your site from the article directories themselves. Directories like get thousands of visitors per day, and your articles can accumulate hundreds to thousands of page views quite quickly. These articles can be an excellent source of traffic to your site.

When beginning an article marketing campaign, focus on long tail keyword research. Find keywords with high search volume and low competition to be sure your articles are ranked well in the search engines. From there, it's all downhill!

It's relatively easy to use article marketing to build a network of traffic to your site. Even better, you can do so while driving traffic at the same time. Article marketing is truly content marketing at its best - if you can write or hire a ghostwriter, you can build a huge network of backlinks for your site at no extra cost to you.

Greg Cryns
Wahm Search Engine

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