Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting traffic with your articles

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Tim Gorman emerged as an article marketing guru a couple of years ago. He managed to create a buzz about his marketing style and I am sure he is successful driving targeted traffic to his websites.

4 Tips For Article Marketing - How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website With Your Articles

Article marketing is considered one of the most productive forms of traffic generation for anyone seriously trying to run a profitable online business. And for good reason, article marketing works at driving targeted traffic to websites. Based on the ROI that a well crafted article can provide for its creator it's no small wonder why article marketing is one of the most discussed forms of Internet traffic generation within online marketing forums across the world wide web.

Unfortunately, many new article marketers get quickly discouraged when they don't see the results that are often discussed in Internet marketing forums. Results like an increase in targeted traffic, an increase in affiliate sales or an increase in income from their websites. The good news is there are a few things you can do to help increase the ROI from the articles you submit to the article directories.

Here are four article marketing tips that will help you get the most out of your article marketing efforts.

Article Marketing Tip #1

1 - Without a doubt the most important portion of your article that will determine its initial success or failure is the title of your article. You need to make sure that you have an eye-catching title for web surfers while at the same time ensuring that the title is making good use of a long-tail keyword phrase in order to rank well in the search engines.

Article Marketing Tip #2

2 - Your article will need to be written in a structured manner that is easy for your readers. Many Internet surfers tend to read quickly by scanning an article and pausing when they see something that catches their interests. In order to make sure the visitors to your articles stay engaged and read your article from beginning to end you will need to make use of bullet points, sub headings, small paragraphs and a word count of around 300 - 500 words.

Article Marketing Tip #3

3 - If you have spent any time on the Internet poking around in Internet marketing forums then chances are good that you already know content is king. So, it only makes sense to write an article that provides valuable information for its reader. Remember, you are trying to build your reputation as an authority figure on the subject you are writing about so, rather then focus on selling a product or writing the same information that can be found elsewhere you should instead make a concentrated effort to craft an article that is both valuable and compelling for your reader.

Article Marketing Tip #4

4 - If your article title was important to get your visitor and your article body needed to be quality content to engage your reader then you want to make sure that your article summary provides just enough information to be eye-catching and descriptive enough to tell your reader exactly what your article is about so they can make a quick determination as to whether or not they want to read your article. You may only have one shot with this so make sure it is your best.

Article marketing is a fantastic way of promoting your online business, websites, services or products on the Internet. By following the four tips I have outlined in this article you will see an increase on your investment that will equate to more traffic and ultimately more net profit.

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