Thursday, March 12, 2009

Recommended SEO Tools and a SEO tip

Here are a few SEO Tools we use recommend - and a SEO tip.

Keyword Tool:

Google Search-Based Keyword Tool:

Google Insight for Search:

Google Trends:

SEO Sniper - good for key phrases - helps you focus on what is popular and what is easier to initially rank for improves your knowledge of competition strength

On another note, I’ve seen people recommend that you submit your blog and website pages to Google. With the exception of submitting an xml site map to Google, I do not recommend submitting pages to the search engines via the "add url" feature. Allow the search engines to find your site through incoming links because spammers do use the “add url” function to submit their pages. We don’t want to be associated with spammers.

What SEO tools work for you?

Greg Cryns
The Mighty Mo Website Design and Promotion


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