Friday, March 13, 2009

How to choose a good insite page URL

When you create a new page on your website, how do you title it?
Who should I turn to for help?

Why not Google itself? You can download a .pdf of
Google's Search Engine Starter Guide. Google talks about "good practices for URL structure" in that report.

Know what? I am not about to doubt what is said there.


1. Use words and not numbers in the URL. Visitors are more likely to link to friendly worded URLs.

2. Avoid words that are not descriptive of your content. "Page9.html" just doesn't make it.

3. Don't put too many keywords in that title tag. For example, say "Kitchen decorative tiles" but not also "decorative tiles for the kitchen."

4. Directories within your website: make the structure simple and organized like "kitchen/floors.html" and "kitchen/cabinets.html".

Directory good practice

1. Make sure the directory name has a direct relationship with what is on the pages contained in that directory.

2. Stay with one version of the URL throughout your website. For instance, don't have "" AND "". Use a 301 redirect from non-preferred URLs to the dominant URL when you see non-preferred URLs in links to your site. Be consistent within your site when you use "www" or not for your internal links.

3. Don't capitalize your links. People expect to see non-capitalized links.

They may change their algorithms to make your site more or less visible. But they are not likely to change these "good practice" tips.

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