Wednesday, November 10, 2010

7 Internet Marketing Secrets

What follows is based on over 10 years of Internet marketing with my own websites. 

1. Article marketing by itself has some merit, but one must wonder if the time spent writing the articles is worth the result.

2. Here is a magic potion: key phrase research in very narrow niches + articles + time + pixie dust = profits.     (pixie dust is Google love)

3. Website backlinks are highly overrated. SEO is misunderstood and overrated. So is social network marketing. So are gurus. 

4. Alexa ranking matters only if you are selling advertising and team building. It does give some idea if traffic is happening at a website but it does not tell you what kind of traffic.

5. The key phrase is important in a domain or in a sub file name.

6. If someone tells you he has a "system" where you can earn 4 figures a day or 5 figures a month, keep your pocketbook locked. Read that again. Keep it in your pocket. Hide your credit cards. Do not believe claims about making money with a product.

7. If someone wants to sell you a money making system but does not take Pay Pal, close the browser window. Pay Pal scheduled payments are easy to cancel if you need to do it.

Greg Cryns
Work At Home Profiles

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