Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog comments make me either laugh or barf

just another strange graffic

I was reading an interesting email today. The topic was "how to manage your email". As usual, there were a few lines of text from the blog and then a link to read the entire article. I don't have any problem with that. In fact, this article was short and very sweet. The blogger put it all together in marvelous fashion. Not only that she provided a good solution.

But then came the comments from her adoring followers:

"What a great idea." said the first.

"this is a terrific idea." said another.

"Gotta love the timing of your post" piped in another because she just happened to be thinking about email solutions (time to roll your eyes)

"This is a great idea and I plan to do it more." but then the commenter called it a "poor man's approach".

on and on...... the people could not comment without adulation. 

But I do love the really funny comments I read at places like YouTube.

For a video about "business card etiquette (in the asian culture)" some comments were:

"what about if a women puts your card in her bra does that mean she is putting your face in her tits"

"  'Its like sitting on a persons face'  hahahaha "

"She's a total jerk.and idiot also :) she's a dumb ass."

"Can someone help me translate to Spanish this video?  Can anybody tell me briefly what this video?"

"this is a joke right?"

Overall, comments can be both educational and entertaining but too often they are just plain boring.

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  1. I have some sweet knock down, drag out fights in comments, I have seen relationships started and lost, I have laughed so hard I cried, and I have been terribly bored. I guess you get it all.