Friday, November 12, 2010

Digg - an online research tool

is a more sophisticated bookmarking site where you users bookmark and rank content as well. You can customize your experience at the site and you can subscribe for category updates via RSS.

You can browse by category down the left side:

…and then sort by “Most Recent”, “Top in 24 Hours”, “7 Days”, “30 Days”

You can also click the “My News” to customize your experience. You simply create an account and you see content matching your preferences when you visit the site.

You can search by keyword and you’ll find the search box at the top right of each page:

And at the very bottom rights of the page, you’ll find an RSS box. The RSS feed matches with the particular category page you happen to be on. For example, if you’re on World News, the icon will be for the World News feed.

 You can also log in with your Facebook or Twitter account to take advantage of extra features like following certain Digg users, “Digg” stories yourself and more.

Greg Cryns


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