Friday, November 12, 2010

Yahoo News as an online research tool

Yahoo News has similar features to Google News and it’s probably just a matter of preference on which you’d want to use. Yahoo allows you to search top stories by category, search by keywords, see the most viewed stories, most recommended stories and displays trending topics. But one thing we’ve noticed is that Yahoo seems to have more flexible RSS options than Google.

Go to and the categories can be found near the top of each page:

…and you can search for videos, photos and blogs too. If you want to search by keyword, the search box for the News is part way down the left side. The search box at the top right is a web search…rather than a news search.

You’ll find the RSS subscription options at the bottom left of each category page:

Or you can go straight to the RSS – Yahoo News page at to select the feeds you want.

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