Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Direct Sales - what is the answer, I mean really?

    It's a big huge Universe out there!

I am conflicted.

In direct sales land, sometimes it seems like everyone else knows the right road to success except me.

So many "experts". I think the real experts are often not talking. Do you get that feeling?

Or, to be a top flight sales person in direct sales, you need something special. How about pixie dust?

I think there is one basic truism for making big money in direct sales. You need to be wearing success goggles. You know, the goggles that set your eyes on a goal and create a great need in you to reach that goal, almost to the exclusion of all else. 

I am convinced that MOMS and DADS who spend a LOT of TIME with their kids, simply won't make it to the TOP because that journey requires your FULL DEDICATION and PARTICIPATION. Can a real soccer mom make it? Is that what our recruiters are not telling us?

Am I right? Am I wrong? 

Also, I posted what I think is an interesting video on this page (I am not affiliated with this company in any way):

Greg Cryns


  1. Love it Greg!
    Interesting we just finished our 277th Episode of our Talk Show and the topic was a re-visitation of the SECRET of Success of Success, so clearly defined in Think and Grow Rich.

    Success in Direct sales is predicated on these principles.
    For a download of this and any or all of the episodes, have your readers visit our Archives