Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I love this newsletter!

Here is the first part of a newsletter I received from the DreamHost company. They provide website hosting for some of my sites.

The entire (and long) newsletter captured my attention from the beginning. Lots of fun links and interesting information about their new offices in Los Angeles (it's good to know your hosting company is doing well) and new job offers (their timing is perfect with the depression going on). I was tempted to put the whole newsletter here, but I especially love the opening. Here it is....

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November 2010 Newsletter from DreamHost (one of the website hosting companies I use)

Hello, and welcome to the Happy November 2010 DreamHost Newsletter!

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that 1200 people unsubscribed from the newsletter last month.

They're gone! Splitsville! Vamoosed. Truly, I am overjoyed.

It means that I can now, finally, let you in on a little secret:


Yes, you.

You are wonderful.

I've always liked you.

New Orange County Office!

We've got three offices (not datacenters) in California. One's in Downtown Los Angeles, one's in Brea, and one's in San Francisco. Our lease in Brea was up, we had run out of office space a few months earlier, and so at the end of the summer we packed up our things and moved across town.

I would love to regale you with tales of our landlord throwing our clothes out the window and screaming at us in Italian as we walked out of the office for the last time, but sadly nothing quite so exciting happened.

I mean, I'm pretty sure that was a dream. You never really know, though.

When it came time to find some new office space we really spent a lot of time looking for 
something that was big enough to house not only the people we had, but also the people we planned to add over the next few years.

Once we found a building that looked promising and had enough space for us, we signed a 
lease and began the hunt for a designer.

It was a quick search.

Studio O+a
After seeing the work that Studio O+a did on Facebook's recent office design, we availed 
ourselves of their services...and just a few months later we had a shiny new office!

Come take a look!

See The New Office   

We've been here for a little while and all of the finishing touches are finally in place.

You may notice more than a few empty desks in those photos. Which leads me to my next 

Hiring Continues!

Since last month's newsletter we've posted ten NEW job openings on our website, have 
conducted countless interviews, and have hired one new employee. We are hiring for 
seventeen jobs in total, and still more are on the way, so there's a good chance we'll never fill them all by the end of the year. But man oh man we are trying! If you haven't un-followed us on Twitter by now then, well, you're a true friend.

Get a Job!   

We're looking for WordPress developers, general managers, knowledge managers, marketing name it. You could probably just MAKE UP a title and we'd hire you to do it!

"Director of Corporate Synergy"?


"Vice President of Risk Mitigation and Multi-Level Systems Analysis"?

Sounds good to me!

"Brett's Personal Neck and Shoulder Massager"?


If you know anyone in the Southern California area who could use a job, we could use your 

help! And theirs. Except I guess it's not really "help" if we're paying them. Once money changes 

hands, it's more like a job. Which actually is what we're offering. And so we've come full 

circle. What was I talking about again?

< / snip >

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