Friday, November 12, 2010

Delicious online research tool


Delicious is a bookmarking site that allows users to bookmark pages that they find interesting. The site makes it easy for you to see what is most popular amongst users, what they’re posting on Twitter about those pages and easily view other pages using the same tags. They claim to have the “biggest collection of bookmarks in the universe.”

When you visit the site at, you can immediately see some of the most recently bookmarked pages. You can also choose to view the “Hotlist” and “Explore Tags”:

The Hotlist allows you to see the most popular bookmarks right now and if you look to the right, it will show you the popular tags as well:

If you log in with your Yahoo account, you can also bookmark your own pages to refer to later and keep as content ideas and fodder. You can even mark your bookmarks as private, so you can take note of possible plans for using the content.

Greg Cryns

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